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Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in Recent Articles | 0 comments

Indians’ misfortune

Bharata-varsa, the devatas, the demigods, they desire to take birth in India because here is the opportunity. Still, so much broken, you will find, you have seen, that when we hold this Hare Krsna festival, twenty thousand, fifty thousand men come automatically. You will find never in any other country. Still in India you will find that. Why? Because they have taken birth in India the facility is there. So it is very unfortunate that Indians are trying to forget Krsna. Very unfortunate. Krpana. If you have got money, if you don’t utilize it properly, that is your misfortune. Similarly, in India, those who have taken birth, they have got the opportunity. Bhagavad-gita was spoken in India, but they are reluctant. They’re reluctant. This is their misfortune.

From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.28.20 – October 30, 1975, Nairobi

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