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Posted by on May 5, 2018 in Recent Articles | 0 comments

Developing a spiritual service attitude

Devotee: How do you develop a service attitude?

Prabhupada: By service. In the material world, if you give service you become tired. But transcendental world if you give service, you more become enthusiastic. Yes. More service. That is happening. I do not pay these boys. Rather, they pay me, and they engage the service. They pay and serve. In the material world, as soon as you stop payment there is no service. Why? Because they, by serving Krsna, they get transcendental pleasure. so the more you engage yourself in the service of the Lord, the more you become enthusiastic. There is no question of becoming tired. Just like I am old man. I have come from India. My age is seventy-six years. So still I am enthusiastic. Still I am going everywhere, all over the world. Why? Krsna’s service is so nice. Even old man like me, he gets energy to work. And that’s also without any salary. So Krsna’s service is so nice that you try to engage yourself more and more. Then you’ll get more and more Krsna conscious, more enthusiasm. This is spiritual.

(July 29, 1971, Gainesville)

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